Xcalibur means..


Xcalibur sport

Fight laser is an excellent way to stay fit!


In the game Laser develop your strategic thinking to defeat!


Xcalibur fight laser is the perfect choice to spend your free time!

Team Building

Fighting the laser can create a competitive atmosphere to enhance productivity teamwork

Pentru orce varsta

Thanks to the simple rules of the game, Xcalibur laser range fits perfectly for the whole team!


Laser effects are harmless to the human body makes excellent use them in game!

The gaming Xcalibur


Paint Ball Chisinau

Vest Xcalibur
- Vest Xcalibur is equipped with 6 LED lights and weighs only 1.8 kg;
- To distinguish players from different teams colors on the LED vest are different;
- At the time when the laser rays to remove strapund LED opponent;
- Vest Xcalibur is connected to the main computer that fixes all the moves and all withdrawals player to player;
- At the end of the game, players receive scores accumulated statistics;
- Vest Lafel Xcalibur can play sound when you shot the opponent;



Laser gun Xcalibur Laser Gun Xcalibur

Xcalibur laser gun weighs only 800 g. , which also allows the player to move easily in space maze;
The weapon is equipped with LED screen that allows viewing:
- Energy (ammunition) left;
- Creditors (internal currency of the game;
- Lives left;
- Points earned for a game;
- Game's Rating accumulated;


paint ball chisinauGEM Xcalibur

The game uses depending on game play as:
- The bomb with time limit
- Attacking utlizatorului nearby
- Raising ammunition
- Raising energy
- Receive super power
- Capturing enemy flag / Flag own defense


Methods of fighting with laser


Xcalibur lupta cu laser in echipe

In this game mode is formed teams with a maximum of 20 players,
fighting for: victory, capturing the enemy flag and capture credit (money) of the opponent.

Toti impotriva la toti

It's a perfect scheme to train your strategic thinking in this fight against the regime in all, it takes guts and strategy, defeat the strongest player!

Zombi mode

When that game starts, the computer in a chaotic choose a person becomes infected zombies red and the other players who in turn must defend it!

Xcalibur Laser Game


Xcalibur laser game

Xcalibur Laser Game

Xcalibur lupta cu laser chisinau

Xcalibur chisinau megapolis

Xcalibur lupta cu laser chisinau

Xcalibur joc cu laser tag

Laser tag moldova

Lasertag Moldova

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